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Madeira Taxi Services

A private & exclusive way to see the island

Airport Transfers

We do transfers to & from the airport to &: from anywhere on the island.

Island Tours

We offer a variety of taxi tours to main places in our beautiful island of Madeira. Choose form our list.

Levada Walking

Wether you are walking or hiking we take care of transport to these locations in Madeira.

Car types available


Mercedes E Class


Ford 6 seater or similar

8 Seater

Mercedes Vito or similar

Airport Transfer

Travel in confort

airport transfer

By Taxi

Avoid the queues and save time. Normal fares apply.

Madeira island airport transfer to/from the city of Funchal



Official regulated fare for the airport

Madeira Island Tours

Let us take you to the best places on the island

Madeira Porto Moniz
West Tour

Full Day

€120 p/car
North-West& South-West
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Madeira Pico do Areeiro
East Tour

Full Day

€120 p/car
North-East& South-East
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Madeira Curral das Freiras
Curral das Freiras

Half Day

€55 p/car
The "Nun's Valley"
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Madeira Gardens
Gardens of Madeira

To & from service

€15 - €35 p/car
Botanical, Palheiro, Tropical
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Madeira Palheiro Golf Club
Palheiro Golf

To & from service

€35 p/car
Palheiro Ferreiro Golf Club
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Madeira Golf Santo da Serra
Santo da Serra Golf

To & from service

€75 p/car
Santo da Serra Golf Club
  •    up to 8 p/car
  • 4    20% extra charge
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Walking in Levadas & Footpaths

We take you there and come back to pick you up later

A selection of levadas & footpaths and their estimated distance & time
Levada do Risco - 25 Fontes 12 Km 5 h
Levada Caldeirão Verde 12 Km 5 h
Galhano - Levada Ribeira Janela 19 Km 7 h
Levada do Rei - Ribeiro Bonito 9 Km 4 h
Ponta de São Lourenço - Caniçal 6 Km 3 h
Pico do Areeiro - Pico Ruivo - A.Teixeira 12 Km 5 h

Levada Walking in Madeira

"Levada" (water channel) walking or hiking in Madeira has become the "must do" activity these last few years. Therefore, we can provide transport to these levada walks.

A certified Mountain guide can be arranged (recommended).

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What are the "Levada" trails or footpaths?

Levada do ReiLevada do Rei in São Jorge, Madeira Island

"Levadas" are watercourses with adjacent footpaths, which penetrate virtually every part of the mountainous terrain of Madeira. These watercourses and their adjoining maintenance paths extend for an incredible 2150km+.

Their flow is stately and serene, and in the south their banks are usually planted with agapanthus lilies and hydrangeas, whereas in the north one finds surrounded by a dense laurel forest called "Laurissilva".

Although their construction began so long ago it was not until the 1980s that levada walking became the popular activity for visitors that it is today.

This is part of the cultural heritage of the island of Madeira and the living expression of how human intervention was possible without creating disruptions in the functioning of ecosystems. Through the levadas and footpaths you'll find places of indescribable beauty.

Let yourself be carried away through these channels between our Laurissilva Forest a World Heritage of Humanity since 1999.